Documents: Passport, Bike Registration, Insurance & MOT Certificates. (Also take at least one photocopy of each item).

It is advisable to have some form of European Breakdown / Accident Cover (e.g. AA, RAC, NCI can provide this). It is compulsory for car drivers to carry a reflective jacket and warning triangle in case of a breakdown.

An EHIC card (New E111) obtainable from your local Post Office. Confirm with your insurance company that you are covered for Europe.

Glasses wearers should carry a spare pair of their prescription lenses.

Bike Check: You will be covering up to 2000 French miles so make sure your tyres & chain are up to the task. You will need to fit headlight deflectors & a GB sticker. Keep a daily check on Tyre pressures & Fluid levels and chain tension / lubrication.

It is recommended for cars to use dipped headlights day and night but this is compulsory for motorcycles. Spare bulbs should be carried.

At the moment (2014), you are supposed to carry an approved ‘one use’ breathalyser, but there is no fine if you do not. (This legislation may change.)

Reflective arm bands are not yet compulsory. BUT reflective helmet stickers are (front, rear and sides) and most new helmets come with a set. It is down to individual choice if they are applied. To date we are not aware of anyone being fined for not having them.

Always check for up to date legislation of driving in France, we suggest the AA site.

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Most places accept Master Card / Visa and there are numerous cash machines available. However it is advisable to inform your bank/credit card company that you will be using your cards in France.

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Although we are predominantly aligned to motorcycle touring, everyone is welcome. Feel free to contact us with your individual requirements.

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